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At Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors, we have one purpose. You the investor.  We take a customized approach to wealth management, beginning with sitting down to learn your history and needs so we can then build a risk-balanced approach to accomplish your unique Financial Needs and Goals.  Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors is not a "big box" financial firm...we have the freedom to make decisions, give advice, and truly work with our clients, striving to achieve success.

We offer a comprehensive list of strategies and services to serve our investors, and we treat each client individually. Our business falls into three main categories; retirement, business and family services, but from there the possibilities are endless.  From investments, financial and retirement planning, and estate planning, to corporate structure and loan counseling, to a full-service insurance company and private banking services, we truly take care of all your Financial needs.

Gregory D. Hunter, founder of Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors, uses a macro and value based approach that depends on fundamentals, Trend following, and Marco changes to Global market conditions, to manage both risks and returns.  This approach is our company's core belief system, and the foundation of our continued success.

We are ready to help you!  We are ready to exceed your expectations! We are ready to be your financial partner for years to come. Find us in the Town Center at 860 Highway 62 East in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

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