Traditional IRAs

Traditional IRA's are a great way to save and invest for retirement.The IRA had its humble beginnings in 1974 under the first ERISA guidelines and then rules were written in the IRS publication 590.  Since...


Roth IRAs are a newer form of an IRA account that was created in the Tax Relief Act of 1997.This new IRA has a few new and unique benefits:     Retirement distributions are TAX FREE&nbs...

Retirement Planning

The key to successful retirement is planning!  Period.  Spontaneous decisions can create long-term problems.  With the complexity of today's regulations, tax law changes, and estate planning cons...

Custom Designed Plans for Businesses

At Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors we will never crowd you into a box that is 'one size fits all', especially when it comes to your Business Retirement Plan.We believe your business and its employees and needs a...

Executive Bonus Plans

Executive Bonus Plans are probably one of the most complex and rewarding plans available for businesses and their most important employees and key executives.  These people drive the company forward w...

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